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M.Sc. Lukas Lücker

M.Sc. Lukas Lücker Photo of M.Sc. Lukas Lücker

(+49)231 755-90167

(+49)231 755-8029


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Room 3.030


Main Activities

  • Laboratory servohydraulic fatigue testing systems
  • Organization lecture Werkstoffe der Verkehrs- und Medizintechnik (WVM)
  • Exercise lecture Werkstoffe der Verkehrs- und Medizintechnik (WVM)


Research Activities


  • 3) Teschke, M.; Rozo Vasquez, J.; Lücker, L.; Walther, F.:
    Characterization of damage evolution on hot flat rolled mild steel sheets by means of micromagnetic parameters and fatigue strength determination.
    Materials 13 (11), 2486 (2020) 1-19. https://doi.org/10.3390/ma13112486 Publikation als PDF-Datei anschauen.

  • 2) Schmiedt, A.; Lücker, L.; Manka, M.; Tillmann, W.; Walther, F.:
    Frequency-dependent fatigue and corrosion fatigue assessment of brazed AISI 304L/BNi-2 joints in air and synthetic exhaust gas condensate.
    Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures 41 (2018) 2338-2349. https://doi.org/10.1111/ffe.12902

  • 1) Schmiedt, A.; Lücker, L.; Kolesnikov, A.G.; Plokhikh, A.; Walther, F.:
    Production- and microstructure-based fatigue assessment of metallic AISI 304/430 multilayer materials produced by hot pack rolling.
    Materials Testing 59, 2 (2017) 123-129. https://doi.org/10.3139/120.110976 Publikation als PDF-Datei anschauen.

A collective list of the publications can be reviewed here.



  • 1) Schmiedt, A.; Lücker, L.; Walther, F. (V.):
    Fatigue properties of multilayer material based on stainless steels and produced by hot pack rolling.
    Composite-Expo 2016, 9th Int. Specialized Exhibition on raw materials, equipment and technologies for composites' producing, Moscow, Russia, 17.-19. Febr. (2016).

A collective list of the presentations can be reviewed here.