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M.Sc. Moritz Hemmerich

M.Sc. Moritz Hemmerich Photo of M.Sc. Moritz Hemmerich


Research Activities

  • Photodegradation of (bio-)plastics under static and dynamic optical stress



  • 1) Hemmerich, M.; Scholz, R.; Saha, S.; Walther, F.; Meyer, J.:
    Polylactid – ein geeigneter Biokunststoff für optische Anwendungen? – Versuchsaufbau zur zeitgerafften optischen und thermischen Alterung.
    Sonderpublikation/special issue chrom+food FORUM 2019, 03 (2019) 43-45.

A collective list of the publications can be reviewed here.



  • 2) Saha, S. (V.); Hemmerich, M.; Scholz, R.; Tappe, F.; Walther, F.; Meyer, J.:
    Polylactide – a bio-plastic suitable for optical components?
    DisoMAT 2019, Int. School and Conference on Disorder in Materials Science, Potsdam, 24.-26. Sept. (2019).

  • 1) Hemmerich, M.; Saha, S.; Walther, F.; Meyer, J.(V.):
    Analysis of the photodegradation behavior of polylactides to evaluate their applicability in optical components.
    ANAKON 2019, Münster, 25.-28. März (2019).

A collective list of the presentations can be reviewed here.