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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Multi Mega Watt from Offshore Wind Energy

The aim of the project “MOEWE” is the identification of damage relevant incidents, with the aid of multi-body simulations of the whole power train. These results will be determined in bench tests. By identifying the damage relevant incidents, it will be possible to develop new materials and surface coatings in combination with adjusted lubricant concepts. These results will be validated in fundamental- and component-testing as well as an application in wind power plants. A condition-monitoring-system for online surveillance is developed and calibrated simultaneously, during the evolution and validation of new materials. On the basis of these sensors, the damage condition is intended to be recorded in a non-destructive way, thereby resulting in the capability of early damage detection.

Duration: 2011 until 2015

Consortium: 2 Universities, 3 Industrial Enterprises, 5 Subcontractors