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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Evaluation and modeling of the performance of fasteners made of hardwood with reinforced glued rods of steel and composite materials

In timber engineering reinforced glued steel rods are successfully used as a fastener for many years. This approach of joining technology is suitable for power transmission, amplification and additional safety in connections and fitting edges and has many advantages over mechanical fasteners. In particular, standardized, firmly bonded, rigid, ductile and aesthetic node connections can be implemented, which leads to very economic structures. New technical territory is entered by bonding rods of steel and glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) in hardwoods. The fundamental insights of these components are still missing on suitable adhesives to the behavior of the entire system of rod, adhesive and hardwood under quasi-static and cyclic loads as well as suitable methods of dimensioning.

Duration: 2015 until 2017

Consortium: 2 Universities, 1 Fraunhofer-Institute