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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Fatigue of deep hole drilled samples

Investigations on the influence of machining and sulphur content on the fatigue strength of the quenched and tempered steel 42CrMo4+QT

In this research project the influence of the surface edge zone resulting from deep hole drilling on the microstructure and the fatigue behavior will be investigated using the example of the quenched and tempered steel 42CrMo4+QT. Different alloy compositions of steel with varying sulphur contents will be tested. The results will be employed to develop a model based correlation between the workpiece and cutting parameter dependence between edge zone and fatigue strength to extend the state of knowledge about surface edge zone influences by deep hole drilling and the resulting fatigue behavior and to increase the lifetime of components. For a comparable characterization of the fatigue behavior, established tests of both destructive materials testing and new non-destructive tests will be conducted.

Duration: 2016 until 2022