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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Corrosion fatigue resistant steels

Mechanism-based assessment of the influence of powder production and process parameters on the microstructure and the deformation behavior of SLM-compacted C+N steels in air and in corrosive environments

Selective laser melting (SLM) combines a rapid production method with a high level of individualization for complex metallic structures. This can be achieved with efficient use of raw material and manufacturing resources. Due to the fact that only a few materials are readily processable, the proposed research topic is planned to expand the knowledge about SLM processability of stainless austenitic and austenitic-ferritic C+N steels. The whole process chain from powder production to deposition by means of SLM process is the main subject of investigation during this project. Characterization of the microstructure and defect development as well as its influence on the cyclic damage behavior is applied to understand the process-property relationship.

Duration: 2017 until 2022