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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
SPP 2183

Property-controlled metal spinning

In the Priority Program (SPP) 2183, scientific principles of process-integrated property control of forming processes are developed in close interdisciplinary cooperation between metal forming, materials, measurement, and control engineering to produce high-performance components. This allows a method-based design of controllable forming systems and the evaluation of the microstructure during forming in the entire workpiece, using robust measuring systems and soft sensors.

Duration: 2019 until 2021

Consortium: 20 research institutes

Subproject: Property control during spinning of metastable austenites

The overall objective of this research project is the realization of a property control during forming spinning processes. This enables the locally limited and reproducible adjustment of component properties, i.e. by means of a targeted influence on phase transformation processes during production, high-performance components are to be created that exhibit defined graded mechanical or ferromagnetic properties. Henceforth, geometrical and dimensional accuracy are required while at the same time ensuring high productivity, safety and flexibility in production.