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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Coordination

Contact person

The coordinator of  teaching Dr.-Ing. Mustafa Mamduh Mustafa Awd organizes the teaching activities at WPT.

He advises you in:

  • Major of study
  • Selection of electives
  • Acknowledgement of lectures
  • Project work, bachelor thesis and master thesis

Contact him in case of any suggested improvements to the offered lectures and teaching in general.

Actual information for the lectures and labs in WiSe 2022/23:

Course Lecture Exercise Office hours Revision
Angewandte Werkstofftechnik (AWT) hybrid hybrid presence hybrid
Werkstoffprüfung für Ingenieure/innen (WI)  hybrid hybrid presence hybrid
Werkstoffe der Verkehrs- und Medizintechnik (WVM) livestream livestream presence livestream
Zerstörende Werkstoff und Bauteilprüfung (ZWP)  hybrid hybrid presence hybrid
Fatigue Behavior (FB)  hybrid hybrid presence hybrid

Hybrid formates are offered in presence and additionally as livestream or stream. Alle lectures and exercises are provided as stream in the respective Moodle-Course.