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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Wear-resistant aluminum-matrix composites

Mechanism-based investigation of additively-manufactured aluminium matrix composites (AMC) for enhanced mechanical strength

The processing of aluminium matrix composite (AMC) powders by means of additive manufacturing will offer the possibility to manufacture tailor-made AMC components. Hereby, the main focus is on SiC particles reinforced AlSi10Mg powder. Fatigue behaviour plays an important role in structural applications. The specific microstructure and remnant porosity induced by the SLM process reflects complicated fatigue damage phenomena. This challenge dictates that understanding of multi-scale strength attributes of macro- and micro-level structures is necessary. The basic understanding of deformation mechanisms in the SLM-AMC process chain will open the door for further effective exploitation in industrial and structural applications and will highlight future fundamental research aspects.

Duration: 2019 until 2022