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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Fast forward fatigue characterization – short-term testing of hybrid structures

Development of a test rig for the short-term characterization of long-term fatigue properties (load cycles > 100 million) of hybrid structures using 3D high-speed deformation and hysteresis monitoring

The sustainable design of cyclically loaded components, up to load cycles > 100 million, is essential for the environmentally friendly use of materials. Detailed knowledge of the fatigue performance of a component or material system is necessary to uncover and target optimization potential. This is where this ZIM project comes in, to develop an optical real-time measuring system for high-speed deformation and hysteresis monitoring using 3D digital image correlation for testing systems with high testing frequencies (> 100 Hz) up to market maturity. The real-time measuring system is developed on hybrid, formed lightweight structures based on thermoplastics and is therefore tested and evaluated directly for the characterization of new, more sustainable material systems. The real-time evaluation of representative, individually adjustable characteristic values for the fatigue behavior of investigated structures, combined with short testing times, enables extensive and at the same time cost-efficient characterization. In addition to the general streamlining of the time required for component design, the increasingly relevant topic of rapid prototyping is also supported by a new short-term characterization option.

Duration: 2023 until 2025