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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brazing filler alloy-depending corrosion fatigue

Alloying-dependent microstructure influence on corrosion fatigue mechanisms of brazed AISI 304/NiCrSiB joints

For the reliable and economical use of brazed components under corrosive influence, the characterization of fatigue behaviour and the determination of lifetime is elementary. The aim of this project is to gain a fundamental understanding of the influence of the microstructure on fatigue and corrosion properties. For this purpose, brazed joints with different alloys and manufacturing parameters are produced at MEPhI University and characterized at WPT. Among others, multiple step tests in synthetic exhaust gas condensate, in-situ tensile tests in scanning electron microscope as well as fractographic investigations by 3D-EDX and 3D-EBSD analyses are used. The generated process-structure-property-relationship between the parameters are used to optimize the manufacturing process and to evaluate the influence of individual alloying elements.

Duration: 2019 until 2026