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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
SPP 2086

Surface conditioning in BTA deep-hole-drilling

The Priority Program 2086 aims to provide dynamic control systems for the machining of metallic materials. In-process measurement techniques in combination with a deep understanding of the machining process form the basis for the design of a process control that allows the creation of defined geometries as well as the reliable conditioning of surface edge zones, regardless of any disturbance variable.

Duration: 2018 until 2024

Consortium: 23 research institutes

Subproject: Process-integrated measuring and control system for the determination and reliable generation of functionally relevant properties in surface edge zones during BTA deep-hole-drilling

In this research project BTA deep-hole-drilling is being analyzed by means of in-process measurement techniques. The project aims to examine the coherence between the design of the machining process and the properties in surface edge zones. The main criteria that are being employed to examine the conditioned surface edge zones, are residual stress, hardness and changes in microstructure. Based on the results of these studies, a dynamic control system will be developed that will allow a reliable conditioning of surfaces, so that surface edge zones with defined properties can be created, regardless of any disturbance variable.