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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
FOR 5250 TP-Z: Customized implants

Mechanism-based characterization and modeling of permanent and bioresorbable implants with customized functionality based on innovative in vivo, in vitro and in silico methods

Aim of the research unit 5250 will be the development and validation of an integrated solution for the manufacturing, characterization and simulation-based design of additively manufactured implants in maxillofacial surgery, taking into account physiological conditions of the individual bone situation. Therefore, a holistic qualification approach, as well as an interdisciplinary consideration of materials science and engineering, medical engineering and numeric simulation, is required. Based on this, novel and mechanism-based in vitro and in vivo testing methods, including multi-scale simulation and modeling methods (in silico), are implemented by the interdisciplinary consortium in order to describe the mechanical, biological and corrosive processes and their interactions. Due to the present diversity and complexity of the envisaged research topic, interdisciplinary processing by young scientists, supervised by proven researchers, is mandatory.

Duration: 2022 - 2026

Consortium: 7 Research Institutes