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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Texture influence of wrought magnesium zinc alloys

Mechanism-based characterization of the texture influence on the corrosion and corrosion fatigue properties of zinc-based wrought magnesium alloys

Magnesium alloys can be influenced in their microstructure and texture and thus in their properties such as formability, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance by adding suitable alloying elements and setting appropriate extrusion parameters. In this research project, the different processing parameters and the resulting microstructural parameters will be investigated for their influence on the damage mechanisms under cyclic loading in air and corrosive medium, and a basic process-microstructure-property relationship will be derived from the findings. This allows the development of a new group of high-performance extruded magnesium alloys and knowledge transfer of the findings to the fatigue and corrosion behavior of magnesium sheet alloys in general.

Duration: 2021 until 2024