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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Characterization of formed internal Al and CuZn threads

Basic technological investigation of a new high-performance process for the production of internal threads and microstructure-based characterization of their performance

The aim of this project is to develop substantiated fundamental knowledge of axial thread forming as a manufacturing process, which has hardly been investigated scientifically to date, so the enormous potential of this novel high-performance process can be utilized both technologically and economically. The process and the associated tools for axial thread forming are of interest for a wide range of producers, especially for large thread quantities, and are now no longer restricted to one user by exclusive rights. By considering the new kinematics as well as the tool design, however, correlations between the machining itself and the resulting outcome must be investigated. For this purpose, process-related geometrical and microstructural properties of the internal threads are correlated with the mechanical properties, resulting in a structure-based analysis of the damage mechanisms, the understanding of which is mandatory for the design of optimal process conditions.

Duration: 2021 until 2023